Laser Spine Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery- A Myth?

A common misconception among patients is that spine surgery can be exclusively done using lasers. While minimally invasive surgical technology has grown by leaps and bounds, lasers have actually been around for a long time. In fact, lasers have been used in medicine since 1973. Yet, there is no compelling argument for its use in […]

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back pain 4

Microdiscectomy: The gold standard for the treatment of Lumbar Disc Prolapse

Sharp radiating pain to the legs or lower back pain that persists for a long period of time could be due to a disc problem, specifically in the lower back region of the spine. Lumbar disc prolapse refers to protrusion of herniation of the disc in the lumbar (lower back) region of the spine which […]

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Total Knee Replacement and its impact on squatting activities

Indians have habitually been able to perform full squats for various daily activities. Using the toilet, washing clothes, performing manual labour such as working in fields or mopping floors, all require squatting. Lack of proper sitting arrangements also results in people having to squat in places like bus terminals and railway stations. Of course, nowadays, […]

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gait sway

Gait Swaying and its impact on Cervical Disc Generation

The backbone or spine is a crucial part of our body, essential for proper form, posture and movement. Our backbone is made up of small bones that are stacked on top of each other called vertebrae. The vertebrae protect our spinal cord and allow us to stand and bend. In between each vertebra is a […]

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Spinal Diseases

We like to have has our audience, the people who are suffering from spine problems. However we also prefer others like our own doctor community, the corporates, medical students, and the general public so that they can help others suffering from the disease to reach out to us. This creates awareness as to how spine […]

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Master Spine’s Principles

Master Spine believes in preserving and protecting normal spinal anatomy by way of natural process. Fundamental idea is to make one believe his own self and his problems. Makes the patient to feel at ease and understand spinal anatomy, biomechanics and advices how to avoid further complications. Stresses on the idea of strengthening spinal muscles […]

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Spinal Discs

Spinal Discs

Spinal disc problems are quite common today. Spinal discs are flat on the top and bottom. They are attached to the vertebrae above and below them. The discs might suffer injuries, due to various reasons; one of them being old age. Once the disc is injured, body is affected in various ways and this may […]

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Spine-related problems

Back pain is a common complaint these days. It is more common among adults between 35 and 55 years. However, recently more adolescents and youngsters complain of extreme low back pain. Low back pain is also known as Lumbar Backache and is normally a pain caused due to an injury to the ligaments, tendons and […]

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Maintain the right posture

It is important to maintain right postures while you sit, stand and walk as bad postures result in spine problems. Maintaining good postures help your body and mind to function better. One must always understand the right postures, so as to avoid straining muscles and ligaments. One must also remember to practice simple exercises that […]

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Osteoarthritis and Exercise

Studies show that Osteoarthritis can be prevented by exercising on a regular basis. However, it is also important to know the right techniques of exercise, so as to avoid injuries and sprains. First and foremost, make sure to have a warm up session before beginning to work out. Always start slow and steady and gradually […]

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