Herniated Disc can be the cause for your back pain

Herniated Disc can be the cause for your back pain

herinated disc

People are often heard complaining about back pain or neck pain. The technical term mostly used to describe the back pain is ‘slipped disc’. But what is slipped disc? Herniated disc, commonly referred as slipped disc, is an abnormal rapture of the disc present in your spine. However, the term slipped disc is misleading as the discs never actually slip, but can only get ruptured or bulge out. Our spine is comprised of vertebrae which are stacked one another, which aids our movement and also protects the spinal cord that extends down the spinal column. Between the vertebrae lie the discs which act as soft cushions, thereby helping to minimize the impact of movement on the spinal column. When these discs start to wear and tear from age or injury, the discs can get ruptured or bulge out. When the bulged disc pinches the nerve, it results in inflammation which is the cause for the severe back pain.

While herniated disc is mostly related to the wear and tear of the discs due to aging; sedentary lifestyle can also hugely affect our spine health. Frequent driving on damaged roads and sitting on a chair for a prolonged period of time can have adverse effects on your back, which can lead to a herniated disc. Herniated disc is also experienced by many professional athletes who require bending or turning abruptly on the field, which ultimately increases the thinning of the membrane and raptures the disc in their lower back. This can cause sharp pain which can sometimes be unbearable, preventing people from doing normal daily tasks. Age can be a prime factor that results in the discs losing their water content, making them less flexible and prone to rapture. Traumatic events and injuries of the back can also cause herniated disc.

Since herniated disc mostly occurs in the lower back, people experience mild back pain to severe lower back pain. Often, a herniated disc doesn’t exhibit any signs of pain. In most cases, patients who suffer from herniated disc complain of neck pain, thigh pain and knee pain. Symptoms of a herniated disc also include numbness, weakness, tingling sensation, arm and leg pain or paralysis. Herniated disc, if left untreated, can also lead to other spinal problem like Sciatica, as it can gravely affect the nerve roots. Nerve pain caused by a prolapsed disc in the lumbar spine can also affect bladder movement, bowel movement or cause sexual dysfunction.

There are number of things that can prevent you from getting a herniated disc that causes back pains and neck pains. To keep your spinal health in check, you should exercise daily, eat healthy, sleep in better position, maintain posture while sitting, reduce stress and stop smoking. But when the pain gets excruciating and the problem is persistent for a long period of time, surgeries like herniated disc surgery, disc replacement surgery, sciatica surgery, spinal cord treatment, sciatic nerve treatment can also be opted. Not only does the surgery give relief from severe back pain, it can also help with better mobility. You will experience improvement in mood, less intake of pain killers, more productivity at work and it will also make you physically fit.

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