Master Spine’s Principles

  • Master Spine believes in preserving and protecting normal spinal anatomy by way of natural process.
  • Fundamental idea is to make one believe his own self and his problems.
  • Makes the patient to feel at ease and understand spinal anatomy, biomechanics and advices how to avoid further complications.
  • Stresses on the idea of strengthening spinal muscles and to achieve flexibility and hence improve on skeletal strength of the spine.
  • Certain pains in the spine needs therapy by way of medication and spinal injection techniques. When surgery is required, before every surgical procedure, meticulous planning is done and executes the surgery with maximum care and safety and using all the modern equipment.


4 Principles

Spine works on 4 principles based on stability, alignment, biology & functions, and these 4 principles are the foundation for proper management of spinal problems. In each of the spine pathology, 4 principles are to be applied for the best outcome.


Stability Stability means structural strength in the spinal bones. stabilization1
Alignment Alignment means balancing the spine in all 3 dimensions. Normal spinal alignment balances the head & thorax over the lower limb. balancing-spine-3D
Biology Biology means maintaining biological structures like spinal cord and nerves normally within the confines of the spinal bones without any pressure on this soft vital structures. spine-biology
Function Function preserves motion segments. Normal movement of the spine in all directions is vital for the day to day activities of daily living. preservation-restoration-prevent-disability