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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to Dr. Subodh Shetty for helping me get back to my normal life. I had severe pain in both my hips as a result of which I could not even walk. I simply couldn’t carry on with my daily life nor do any chores. Then I underwent Total Hip Replacement Surgery and I have got back to normalcy

Mrs Jayalakshmi - Patient

I was suffering from Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy, a condition which weakened my body a lot. I could barely walk and when I dosed I used to feel as though someone was pushing me. That was when I consulted Dr. Subodh Shetty and it was he who diagnosed that my Vertebra was pressing the spinal cord. He performed a surgery on me and now am able to lead a normal life. I don’t have any difficulty walking and can also drive my car now.

Mr. Rehman - Patient

I was diagnosed with Severe Degenerative Lumbar and was literally crippled. I suffered from severe pain and numbness in my legs and visited a lot of doctors, seeking medical treatments. Some of them even told me that surgery could be too risky and that I would not have any benefits out of it. It was Dr. Subodh Shetty who came to my help. He was totally confident that I would recover and went on with a simple one level decompression and stabilisation with rods and screws. Now am back to life and my recovery has been really quick. I even have plans to do my Hajj pilgrimage

Mrs Nikhat Farzana - Patient

I am a Tanzanian. Mr. Willibald Makori. The initial diagnosis of my problem was wrong and I was being treated without understanding the condition. That is the reason I came to Dr. Subodh Shetty who identified my problem and recommended surgical treatment. Low fund treatment at a very reasonable cost was offered at the corporate hospital in Bangalore following recommendation by Dr. Subodh Shetty. My wife and I were received and made to feel at home by a team member of Dr. Subodh Shetty. I have now recovered. I am comfortable and back. We recognize the hospitality and treatment received and thank god for my fast recovery. Thank you very much.

Mr. Willibald Makori - Patient